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In The Works

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Arthur Shafman  AAAArtists International
212-799-4814  Email: ashafman@aol.com
Lynda Bensky  Bensky Entertainment
818-830-3912 Email: benskyentertainment@aol.com

Contact: lonettemckee@gmail.com 


Current Projects:
Lonette McKee Films and Lonette Productions

is producing feature film "Dream Street" which Lonette has written. The gritty drama will mark Lonette's directorial debut and she will also score the music. 

Dream Street: A Feature Film
"Dream Street" can best be described as an edgy, character driven drama. The riveting story follows the bittersweet journey of Lola Mars, a once promising hip hop music writer/producer, as she struggles to rebuild her life and dreams after a freak accident leaves her disfigured, outcast and financially bankrupt. The beguiling, tragic and ultimately uplifting theme explores the ability of the human spirit to rise above hardships and overcome the blows that life often deals those on the fringes of society.

To read more about Dream Street, Click Here

Writing, producing music and playing keyboards have always been a passionate creative expression for Lonette. Lonette's original music recordings are currently available at CD Baby.com.

Lonette is currently writing a children's book with illustrations entitled "Boot the Hip-Hop Robin" about ethnic diversity and tolerance amongst kids and how one little bird brings an entire community together. Lonette's autobiography entitled "Queen of the Birds" is also in the works; a
 book of Lonette's memoirs highlighting her life of intriguing experiences and interactions with birds and animals over the years is also forthcoming.

Lonette is also writing a "One-Woman Drama with Music" based on her own mixed bag of ironic and often profound life experiences.

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